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Sky kingdom Enigma

In the introduction chapter of this skytech fantasy turn based RPG, meet Dare, Luna, and Aida- 3 toughened but heart-of-gold sky pirates whose relatively modest lifestyle is uprooted when a mysterious artifact is stolen from their ship...

( made for gbjam 9)

*** For best text experience please download the silkscreen pixel font and keep it in the same folder as the .exe:



z-A button

x- B button

d- start

f- select

arrow keys-  d pad

While flying the ship:

left/ right- side to side

up/ down- elevation rising and lowering

A button- forward

B button- reverse

1,23,4,5,6- change zoom level

Helpful hints:

- search for Aida's signal in the sky by going forward and spinning around until the MagiCom locates her :]

- equipment and skills can be quite important in the late game!

- very important: a proper pirate only opens chests from the front! Any other side won't give the results you want!

known big bummer of a bug:

- chests stubbornly hold onto your loot if you open them from any angle other than the front!

- beating the unholy dragon in the second floor of the dungeon makes it so that you can't encounter the final boss ( who is also not completely implemented)  the "Abyssal Abomination"

Updated 13 days ago
Published 20 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorSleepless Seven
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsPixel Art


Sky Kingdom Enigma GBJV5.exe 15 MB


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Truly gorgeous game. I'd love to see a full version some day!

First time through I was attempting to explore before I touched the second crystal and wound up in the 3rd crystal's room with no way to backtrack and get the one I missed.  So I quit and played again. This time I didn't skip the 2nd crystal, but the enemy graphics for it looked all garbled.  After defeating it I proceeded to where the 3rd crystal should be and there was nothing there.

It's a jam game so it's understandable. Keeping that in mind some small feedback if you ever come back to it - would be great if dialogue waited for button press to advance, and if it were easier to see what is currently equipped, current player stats etc, in the inventory/character screens.

This would be incredible on an actual handheld. Great work!

thank you so much! Yep unfortunately the dungeon was the last thing we were able to implement and it had these issues; you did things the right way and got punished for it! As for the garbled dragon, he's supposed to look like that! We didn't have time to set it up narratively or visually enough, but the idea is that reality starts to crumble around the entities found in this dungeon, and I've always loved glitched aesthetics ever since I found missingno. way back in the day...

We are actively working on a polished version and it will definitely include a better cutscene and inventory/ status screen system :]

Thanks again!

Oooh, that's good to hear!

Any tips on how to play to get to see the third boss? I mostly want to see all the art in action!

If the glitched dragon was intentional I think maybe it's a bit of a shame since so much of the pixel art characters are so pleasing to look at. I wonder if there's a way to make it look more like 50% beautifully rendered and 50% glitched out. Or if it's possible for just the character to look glitched rather than the background too - just so it looks more intentional and less like a whole screen bugged out. Of course more narrative explanation would help too. If you're still working on it you've probably thought of similar or better ideas already :)

Oh, I also noticed that some text got cropped off the screen. I believe I was using the font correctly.

Will keep my eyes open for more and my fingers crossed for a gb rom of the polished version! :D

Yes! to see what little we have of the 3rd boss, SKIP the dragon boss ( don't interact with it's crystal) and when you go into the final room, the 3rd boss's crystal should be there! Yep, it's all really a matter of execution, isn't it? :] was going to have the dungeon rooms start to glitch out a little bit too( alongside character dialogue)  to set up for the unholy dragon fight. 

Well a gb rom might be a bit of a stretch but we will let you know when the polished version is out! it was developed in fusion; but we do have ideas of porting what we can to gbstudio; the biggest thing we'd have to nix is the "mode 7" style airship travel, although it could be replaced with something "shmupy" perhaps.

FIrstly I would like to say that I played this game without the silkscreen because I didn't read the last line saying that I have to download so the text i got was really bad and distorted. With that out of the way, I really love the assets and sprites of this game. Having this on a Gameboy makes this feel more authentic plus the art is so good. I really like the blimp or an airship traversal as I think I have only done something like that in Bravely Default. The combat is simple but I noticed that mana is like a useless mechanic as every turn I don't seem to be losing at all so I was able to spam cure and continue attacking (although I died) :P I would really like to replay this and give it another shot but from what I have played it was a weird clunky experience that was made better by the visuals. A nice 7/10 :D


Thank you so much for playing and recording a video of our game! Yes it's absolutely our fault we didn't have time to embed the font, I might update the description to make that more prominent as it unfortunately makes the whole game look bad. Many kinks to iron out, and mana, along with other battle systems are just a few that we hope to tackle in a polished version. We'll let you know when we release an updated version that will solve these issues and be much closer to our original vision :]