*** KNOWN BUGS*** If you give an entity an item without completely fulfilling their quest, and then leave, your item will be eaten and the entities will have forgotten all about your friendship - leading to a despair( soft lock) you can't get out of! Make sure to explore the environment well and find all the items you can before trying to befriend them!

Visit the darkness your lost friend succumbed to in hopes of getting them back; questioning and befriending eldritch beings that inhabit this world in order to do so!

Created for Game Boy Showdown 2023

All art, writing, and scripting was created during the week of the  jam. 

Music used is from Beatscribe asset packs. 

Z / A - Confirm/Interact

X / B - Back/Cancel

Enter /  Start - Item Menu

Art & Story

Christopher "Ryumaru" Pariano







StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorsSleepless Seven, Horatiu.nyc
GenreVisual Novel


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Cute idea, but after restarting for the sixth time I'm out of ideas for the first monster. Pretty frustrating.


nice art! the characters are such a pleasure to look at
Unfortunately the game is pretty frustrating because of no checkpoint
probs personal but i had trouble reading some of the dialogue because of the font, and if you combine that with the cryptic dialogue that's missing words outside of NPC conversations and that annyoing bug it feels like fighting against the game more than enjoying it for its intended purpose, which is a bummer!
the game is genuinely nice and appealing and the ideas behind it are really charming, i didn't get to finish it though, i quit after starting over 3 times not sure what to do with that angry creature 

I'm subscribing though curious of your future projects

Lovely game !

(1 edit)

I got stuck after giving my number, no other item after worked. Is there something I'm missing?

Really enjoying it so far!

EDIT: Got it! The item I was supposed to use didn't work earlier in the interaction so I thought it was null for the whole thing.

The pixel art is amazing and the atmosphere is pretty well made. Good job. There is one main criticism I have, however. Because there is no way to save your progress, failure results in button mashing. Personally, I feel like this ruins the pacing of the game. Because of this, I can only give the game a 3.5/5.

this looks Amazing!